About us

"At dawn the trees and flowers wake up before everyone else and hundreds of arms stretch upward toward the sun. Right toward the sun, our symbol. Together with the nature of the garden, since dawn, we dance."

This is After Caposile

After Caposile

After Caposile is freedom of expression, year-round, during the cold months in the club and during the warm months in the garden.

Our parties start at 7 a.m. and end as the sun goes down. The scheduling of events is, year after year, studied and accurate.

We offer national and international artists from the underground scene, preferring projects from the current electronic scene and trying to acculturate the audience in the many nuances of various musical genres.

Loose yourself in the After Caposile magic!

Afterparties are one-of-a-kind events, and according to many clubbers, Italian and otherwise, this is one of the most beautiful afterparties in Italy.
They, lasting whole days are characterized by multiple moments, from early morning sounds to energetic evening rhythms.

This benefits the party line up, in fact one or more guests are always offered, accompanied by our resident DJs.

Join us since the sunrise!