After Caposile: Silos

The club is made up of people, and our mission is to make them all happy, indiscriminately.

Hence our desire to expand and come up with other experiences, and thus arrive at our latest creation: the Silos.

Starting from its central point, i.e., an old country silo, we have enhanced it, building around it a structure completely adapted to the surrounding space that includes a magnificent covered wooden dancefloor, warm and comfortable, a huge stone console and a brand new bar area. Also here as in the garden, the sound system and the set up for the artist are carefully related to the outdoor environment.

We dreamed of tropical landscapes where the sun would nourish us with a strong energy, thinking about the realization of this hall.


This is the Silo!

Exactly behind the Silos dancefloor, consisting of a large pool surrounded by sunbeds, gazebos and large Pouf chairs, we created our chill-out area where you can relax and socialize.

For us, nature with its colors and sunshine are always a constant, and in Silos, with its palm trees, tropical plants and white sand you can feel it even more.

The tropical style introduces a lush and wild atmosphere into the Silos environments, responding to our desire to escape from the urban "jungle," and focuses on exotic decorations, with leaves and flowers, using shades typical of the tropical environment, green, yellow, orange and red.

There will be a chance to relax, to dance, to talk-this is what the club exists for, to socialize in as much freedom as possible.